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Businesses close early, soldier on in face of protests


A few large planters along West Pratt Street in front of Luna Del Sea restaurant remained smashed on the sidewalk on Monday afternoon, and two windows at a Subway eatery next door were bashed out and boarded over. These were a few of the lingering reminders of damage caused when protests over the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, who was injured in police custody, got out of hand on Saturday. But Luna Del Sea owner Tony Assadi, sitting at the bar of his restaurant enjoying a late lunch, wasn’t intimidated by the weekend’s violence. He said he refused to close his restaurant Saturday because there was a private party scheduled that evening — so he just called in his own security to keep customers safe “Nothing is going to stop me,” Assadi said.

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Gray case, protests cast spotlight on Baltimore’s image

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While the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray has sparked a conversation about police brutality, it has also led to negative media portrayals of a city trying to shake a legacy of unflattering depictions. Under other circumstances Gray’s death after he suffered injuries while in police custody may have remained a local news story. But in the aftermath of recent high-profile incidents involving police and African-American men in Ferguson, Missouri, North Charleston, South Carolina and New York City — and because Gray being taken into custody was recorded, providing cable news networks with the dramatic footage they crave — his death has become national news. As reporters from media outlets such as CNN, Washington Post and New York Times descended on West Baltimore, they helped reinforce an image the city has been trying to shake since the critically acclaimed HBO series “The Wire” aired. News footage has revealed to national audiences a Baltimore beyond M&T Bank Stadium and Orioles Park at Camden Yards. Photos posted to Twitter by a local reporter prompted Esquire to compare West Baltimore to a fake streetscape on the backlot of Warner Bros.

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