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Republican health plan could threaten Md. hospital system (access required)

The health care bill drafted by U.S. Senate Republicans  could threaten how hospitals in Maryland do business by ending Medicaid expansion and cutting subsidies for the individual insurance market. Under Maryland’s all-payer system, hospitals encourage more primary care services and ...

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Md. hospitals look for easier way to modify facilities (access required)

As Maryland hospitals work to reduce admissions by improving the overall health of their communities, officials expect they’ll need fewer inpatient beds and more outpatient facilities. But the Maryland Hospital Association says current law doesn’t give hospitals the flexibility they ...

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New Md. insurance plan pushes patient-centered care (access required)

A new health insurance plan being sold in Maryland will try to help small businesses save money while offering employees coordinated, patient-centered care and incentives to stay healthy. Habeo Health — named for the Latin word meaning “to own” — ...

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Many lymphoma patients take chemo in stride (access required)

As Gov. Larry Hogan undergoes chemotherapy in the coming months, he could face a slew of side effects including nausea, hair loss, lack of appetite and general fatigue. But that doesn’t mean he’ll face a serious disruption in his ability ...

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After tough cases, caregivers can need help recovering (access required)

Sometimes, the patients don't survive. Doctors and nurses make mistakes, or aren't able to treat an injury fast enough, or can't diagnose what's wrong until it's too late. Such incidents can place a heavy emotional burden on caregivers. These so-called "second victims" can experience feelings of guilt and isolation, as well as a dangerous lack of confidence. But a pilot program launched this month at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center is aimed at providing "psychological first-aid" to these caregivers through peer-to-peer counseling.

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