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Obama optimistic about bipartisan deal on taxes

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama says he is optimistic that Democrats and Republicans will come to agreements on several issues in the coming weeks. Obama says the most important issue lawmakers must resolve is making sure taxes don’t increase for ...

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Governor O’Malley to take over as chairman of DGA

WASHINGTON — Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley is taking over as chairman of the Democratic Governors Association. He succeeds Delaware Gov. Jack Markell, who was the chairman of the political arm of the nation’s Democratic governors during 2010. O’Malley was the ...

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Obama joke about Slurpee Summit inspires 7-Eleven

Is President Barack Obama willing to risk Slurpee brainfreeze as he grapples with political gridlock? A strange but real possibility. The president’s campaign-trail attack on Republicans as Slurpee-sipping do-nothings boomeranged on him the day after the GOP won the House ...

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Senate GOP leader takes aim at health care law

WASHINGTON — The Senate’s Republican leader has a simple postelection message for President Barack Obama: Move toward the GOP or get no help from its lawmakers. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday offered an aggressive assessment of the election ...

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Kratovil tries to swim against the GOP tide

They hung him in effigy a year ago, protesting the health care overhaul. A first-term Democrat, he had won narrowly in 2008, prevailing in one of the most conservative congressional districts in Maryland. This year, he’s been seen as the ...

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