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Nuclear expert upsets Md. delegation at GOP National Convention

TAMPA, Fla. — A nuclear energy expert from Maryland found himself under fire from some in the state’s delegation to the Republican National Convention Monday after he criticized natural gas fracking and its viability as a primary energy source. Donald ...

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House heading toward election-year tax showdown

WASHINGTON — An election-year tax faceoff between Democrats and Republicans in the GOP-controlled House is heading toward a predictable outcome Wednesday. Republicans are poised to pass a bill to renew a full slate of Bush-era tax cuts for every working ...

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House GOP rejects Obama plan for offshore drilling

WASHINGTON — In an election-year swipe at President Barack Obama’s energy policies, the Republican-led House on Wednesday voted to revoke Obama’s five-year plan for offshore drilling, replacing it with its own plan that calls for more ambitious oil and gas ...

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GOP blocks Senate debate on Democrats’ student loan bill

WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans blocked a Democratic bill Tuesday to preserve low interest rates for millions of college students’ loans, as the two parties engaged in election-year choreography aimed at showing each is the better protector of families in today’s ...

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Maryland House seat long held by GOP put in play

HAGERSTOWN — If U.S. Rep. Roscoe Bartlett feels a threat to his re-election, he doesn’t show it. Addressing a breakfast crowd at a Republican primary debate in Hagerstown, the 85-year-old conservative from Frederick County calmly ticks off the same objectives ...

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