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Blue jeans, green cards grow a Goodwill business

The green movement has gone blue at Paperworks Studio, where recycled denim is turned into handmade greeting cards by workers with special needs and disadvantages. They can do the same thing with scrap wool and old coffee grounds. A khaki-pant ...

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New initiative encourages green communities in Maryland

COLLEGE PARK — A new initiative in Maryland is trying to encourage communities to implement green, sustainable practices. The University of Maryland and the Maryland Municipal League is announcing the new initiative on Monday. Organizers say the program called Sustainable ...

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Tech Talk: Solar tech needs to evolve more like the Web

Ever since I worked in the National Park System in college, I’ve been a bit of a “greenie” environmentalist. To clarify, there are a couple types of environmentalists out there: There are environmental scientists, and then there are greenies — ...

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Partnership wants a greener downtown

Replacing some of the concrete in center city with green space and parks is the focus of a report released Friday by the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore. The Open Space Plan would cost more than $100 million and be used ...

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Feds fast-track mid-Atlantic offshore wind energy

NORFOLK, Va. — The U.S. Department of Energy said Monday it intends to spend $50 million to speed the development of offshore wind farms, with a goal of issuing leases off four Atlantic Coast states by the end of the ...

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