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Carr sentenced to life plus 25 years for killing businessman

William D. Carr, convicted in April of gunning down a 55-year old businessman in broad daylight at the Erdman Shopping Center, was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison plus 25 years. Judge Paul Smith imposed the sentence in Baltimore City ...

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Top 5: ‘The petition having been improvidently granted’

The Court of Appeals deciding over a weekend not to rule on a case it heard and Gregg Bernstein looking back on his first year as Baltimore City’s top prosecutor are among the most-read legal affairs stories of the week. ...

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CSA: State must honor witnesses’ rights

A Maryland appellate court has criticized Baltimore prosecutors and a judge for ignoring rules designed to protect reluctant witnesses who must be jailed to make sure they appear for trial. The intermediate Court of Special Appeals said prosecutors and the ...

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Torbit shooting investigation is complete

It has been nearly 10 months since Baltimore Police Officer William H. Torbit Jr. and 22-year-old Sean Gamble were killed when 41 bullets ripped through the early-morning darkness outside the Select Lounge nightclub. Now, the city may find out more ...

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