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High court: Arrest in gun case was valid

A Maryland law permitting security officers to carry handguns inside a business establishment with management’s permission does not extend outside the building, the state’s top court said in validating the arrest of a gun-toting strip-club bouncer who broke up a disturbance in the parking lot.

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Delegate asks Gansler if steps to cut backlog of gun applications are legal

ANNAPOLIS — A Maryland delegate is asking the state’s attorney general whether it’s legal for state police to allow up to 200 employees from five agencies to view prospective gun buyers’ information as the state churns through an application backlog. ...

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Former police officer charged in illegal gun sale

SALISBURY — A former Ocean City police officer and candidate for Worcester County Sheriff has been charged with illegally selling an AK-47. Maryland State Police say David Catrino also provided an unidentified buyer with four loaded 30-round magazines for the ...

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Bow hunter who shot himself could face charges

POOLESVILLE — Maryland Natural Resources Police say a bow hunter who accidentally shot himself could face charges. That’s because the hunter shot himself with a handgun he was carrying and not a bow. Sgt. Brian Albert says carrying a gun ...

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