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Editorial Advisory Board: Time for an update to the Rule on harassment (access required)

Whether the Rules Committee adopts the model rule in its entirety or decides to take a more targeted rule like they did in 2005, we believe it is time for the Rules Committee to revisit Maryland’s Rule on misconduct.

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Harassers as comeback kids? (access required)

As the outing of sexual harassers continues to bring down powerful and formerly admired men (it is almost always men), the question whether we give them second acts is bound to grow. It’s not a simple question.

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Baltimore housing authority wants sexual harassment suit tossed (access required)

The Housing Authority of Baltimore City is seeking to dismiss a multimillion dollar federal lawsuit filed by an employee who worked at Gilmor Homes alleging sexual harassment by a manager over the course of several years. In a complaint filed ...

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Attorneys: Starbucks’ ‘Race Together’ could bring legal trouble

Since launching an initiative last week that encourages its employees to start conversations with customers about race in America, Starbucks has been roundly criticized for its attempt at tackling a societal issue. But skeptical news articles and mocking posts on ...

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I. Was the evidence sufficient to sustain appellant’s convictions for: A) stalking, and B) harassment? II. Did the trial court err when it failed to state on the record that appellant’s waiver of his right to a jury trial was knowing and voluntary as required under Md. Rule 4-246(b)

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Harassment by third parties can create exposure

A recent decision by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Freeman v. Dal-Tile Corp., serves as a reminder that employers can potentially be held liable not only for sexual or other harassment perpetrated by their own employees, but also for harassment carried out by third parties, such as employees of customers, vendors or other business associates.

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After appeal, jail in Dead Sea Scrolls case

Dead Sea Scrolls

A man convicted of using digital-age tools to impersonate and malign his father's academic rivals on the ancient subject of the Dead Sea Scrolls was sentenced Monday to two months in jail after the state's highest court tossed out some of his convictions — and with them, a state aggravated-harassment law.

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