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After appeal, jail in Dead Sea Scrolls case

Dead Sea Scrolls

A man convicted of using digital-age tools to impersonate and malign his father's academic rivals on the ancient subject of the Dead Sea Scrolls was sentenced Monday to two months in jail after the state's highest court tossed out some of his convictions — and with them, a state aggravated-harassment law.

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Top court: Request for new lawyer was clear enough

Maryland’s top court has overturned a man’s harassment-by-telephone convictions, saying unanimously that the trial judge was wrong to reject the defendant’s request for a postponement in order to replace his public defender with private counsel.

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Top 5: ‘…justice delayed is justice denied’

Our Maryland Lawyer cover story on the Maryland Court of Appeals made the top 5 this week, as did a story about In-N-Out Burger suing Grab-N-Go. Those stories and more in this week’s legal affairs top 5. 1. City set ...

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Employer to pay $90K for retaliation claim

A building services contractor for a Bethesda shopping mall has agreed to pay $90,000 to an employee the company allegedly fired for complaining about race discrimination and sexual harassment by the facility’s owner. Carlos Moulden, a carpentry supervisor, claimed Able ...

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