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health reform

Mary Jean Herron
Aug 18, 2014

Data-mining in the nursing home?

The real value of electronic health records, experts say, is that they enable data-mining, which can help optimize patient care.

Mary Jean Herron
Aug 15, 2014

Nursing homes lag behind on electronic records

Nursing homes and post-acute health facilities that don't use electronic health records are going to get left behind, health experts say.

Health care
Jul 9, 2014

For Medicaid enrollees, is access an issue?

How tough is it for Marylanders insured by Medicaid to find a doctor? What about residents of other states?

Oct 7, 2013

Despite bumpy road, some success for state’s insurance exchange

Officials said Monday that 13,532 Marylanders created identity-verified accounts on the new state-run health insurance exchange, 566 applications for coverage had been submitted and another 326 people had enrolled in coverage as of midnight on Oct. 6.

Nov 17, 2010

Health council recommends independence for Md. Insurance Exchange

Health council staff recommended that the Health Care Reform Coordinating Council make the Maryland Insurance Exchange — the new entity for people without insurance and others to purchase coverage — an independent government agency. At a meeting Tuesday morning, council members discussed this and several other recommendations about how federal health reforms will be implemented […]

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