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Top 5: ‘Welcome to the new angel environment’

A new name for a Baltimore neighborhood, the possibility of a new hospital in Prince George’s County and a new funding for a Baltimore tech start-up. Here are the Top 5 business stories of the week. 1. Baltimore Internet company ...

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New hospital planned for P.G. County

UPPER MARLBORO — A partnership among state and local leaders, educators and health care officials will bring a new hospital to Prince George’s County to revive the long-struggling public care system there. The deal was announced Thursday, beginning a study ...

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Hopkins pair mines 2B tweets for patterns in health care information

Researchers from the Johns Hopkins University found in a recent study that looking at how people complain about headaches, allergies or even the flu on the social media website Twitter can yield valuable public health information not available through other ...

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Study fuels medical malpractice reform arguments

BOSTON — As lawmakers continue to push a bill that would limit medical malpractice lawsuits, opponents are boosting their criticism of the measure, pointing to a recent study showing that hospital errors occur 10 times more frequently than previously thought. ...

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Hospitals try cooking up better food for patients

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. — Haute cuisine is to hospital food as coq au vin is to mystery meat, right? Maybe once, but a number of hospitals are breaking the old Jell-O mold, blending feeling better with tasting better as they liven ...

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Court of Appeals faults Jewish holiday rulings

The Montgomery County judges who denied a plaintiff’s requests to postpone or suspend a June 2008 medical malpractice trial so he could observe a Jewish holiday abused their discretion, Maryland’s top court has held. The Court of Appeals said Alexander ...

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