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Calvin Ball: Sequestration crippling for education

Education is the most democratizing force that can empower every generation across our great nation. In a time when we are slipping behind the rest of the world in college completion and we see the ripple effects that educational attainment can have on jobs and our economy, health and happiness, draconian cuts would be devastating. Maryland has the distinction of having a top-rated educational system, and Howard County is often at the top of that system.

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Ulman vetoes Howard County’s growth tiers law

In his first veto since he was elected in 2006, Howard County Executive Ken Ulman on Thursday vetoed legislation passed by the Howard County Council earlier this month to define so-called “growth tiers,” or levels of development that will be permitted in various areas of the county.

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Outside prosecutor to probe Md. delegate’s boat crash

ANNAPOLIS — An outside prosecutor is helping investigate a boat crash involving a Maryland delegate from Anne Arundel County. Del. Don Dwyer has admitted his blood-alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit when the motorboat he was operating ...

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