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Suit: Police ‘culture’ led to woman’s murder

Veronica Williams was stabbed to death by her husband in the middle of the day outside the courthouse where she had just gotten a protective order against him on Nov. 17, 2008. Even more shocking than the murder itself, allegations ...

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Court seems likely to let jilted wife appeal

WASHINGTON — Like a storyline from a tawdry soap opera, a jilted wife tried to poison her husband’s pregnant lover by spreading toxic chemicals around the woman’s house and car. But after Carol Anne Bond put some in a mailbox, ...

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Koontz seeks to pay fees

Mary C. Koontz mounted an aggressive defense that she was not criminally responsible for the 2009 shooting death of her estranged husband and attempted murder of their daughter. Even though she lost, she would like to pay about $50,000 she ...

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