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Joe Nathanson: Smarter cities make for better city living

You’ve been in this situation: You’re driving around in circles looking for parking in a crowded downtown, wasting time, wasting gas and testing your patience. What if you could pull to the side, check your smartphone and determine the location ...

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UM is part of team working on advanced use of technology from Jeopardy’s Watson

The University of Maryland School of Medicine is helping to educate a new student: a computer that gained fame on the TV quiz show, “Jeopardy!” In mid-February, Watson, an IBM computer capable of answering oral questions posed in natural language, ...

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IBM grant to help Baltimore deliver services

IBM recently inaugurated the Smarter Cities Challenge, a competitive grant program that will award $50 million worth of technology and services to help 100 municipalities across the world — including Baltimore. Teams of IBM experts will provide city leaders with ...

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