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Waterman cleared of illegal clamming due to lack of notice

There was nothing fishy about a waterman digging for clams in a protected zone of the Chesapeake Bay because the state natural resources department failed to publish the area’s specific boundaries, Maryland’s top court has held.

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High court hints at OK on Arizona immigration law

WASHINGTON — Bucking the Obama administration, Supreme Court justices seemed to find little trouble Wednesday with major parts of Arizona’s tough immigration law that require police to check the legal status of people they stop for other reasons. But the ...

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Va. lawyers: Executions are illegal practice of medicine

RICHMOND, Va. — Virginia executioners who inject condemned inmates with lethal doses of drugs are illegally practicing medicine, pharmacy and anesthesiology without licenses, two Alexandria lawyers claim in a complaint filed Tuesday. Attorneys Meghan Shapiro and Christopher Leibig asked the ...

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NYPD monitoring Muslim students sparks outrage

NEW YORK — New York City’s mayor faced off with the president of Yale University on Monday over efforts by the city’s police department to monitor Muslim student groups. The Associated Press revealed over the weekend that in recent years, ...

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No rockfish poaching incidents reported

ANNAPOLIS — Last year, the Maryland Natural Resources Police had to shut down rockfish season a month early because of serious poaching incidents, but this year, officers have, so far, encountered no illegal activity. Officers say the lack of poaching ...

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