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Frosh updates advice for Md. law enforcement on immigration law

Attorney General Brian E. Frosh (File)

Maryland’s top lawyer on Thursday said state and local law enforcement officers may not be prohibited from sharing information about a detainee’s immigration status with federal officials — but they are also not required to do so. Attorney General Brian ...

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Frosh requests ‘safe harbor’ designation for Md. courts, hospitals, schools

“We must curtail the growing militarization of police,” says Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh, in urging several changes to police oversight. (The Daily Record/File Photo)

In response to the Trump administration’s strong stance against undocumented immigrants, Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh has asked the Department of Homeland Security to designate courts, hospitals and schools in the state as “safe harbors,” meaning immigration officers cannot identify ...

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Md. immigration attorneys advise caution for clients, seek clarification of executive orders

Hayley Tamburello, a Baltimore immigration lawyer, spent time at Dulles International Airport over the weekend as attorneys flooded in to provide services as needed to people in the wake of President Donald Trump’s executive orders on immigration. ‘It’s really hard to give (clients) advice because everything keeps changing so fast,’ she says. ‘It’s hard to get work done when every five seconds there’s another announcement of another change.’ (File photo)

In the wake of several federal executive orders affecting immigration, Maryland attorneys are mobilizing to understand the orders’ ramifications and advising caution to their clients – whether they are citizens or not. “The Trump administration has changed the rules of ...

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Md. universities, businesses, hospitals negotiate Trump’s travel ban

Johns Hopkins University President Ronald Daniels. (file)

Universities, businesses and hospitals in Maryland all continue to wrestle with the ramifications of President Donald Trump’s temporary ban on accepting refugees and visitors from several majority-Muslim nations. On Friday, Trump signed an executive order intended to prevent travelers from Iraq, ...

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Supreme Court will not re-hear immigration case

Supreme Court

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court has declined an Obama administration request to break its recent tie over plans to protect millions of immigrants, when a ninth justice is on the bench. The justices on Monday rejected the appeal with no ...

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Immigration is powering small businesses

Veronica Cool Bigger

  Small businesses across the United States continue to fuel our economies, not only providing jobs but innovation and local products. And those businesses are largely comprised of immigrants. The immigration of foreign workers and entrepreneurs is definitively influencing the ...

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Report shows immigrants boosting Baltimore housing market

Jorge Castillo, Chair, Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, speaking at the Press Conference at the Baltimore Immigration Museum on Immigration Reform in Light of the Partnership for a New American Economy launching the Reason for Reform Campaign in Maryland with new data on immigrant contributions in Maryland, Maryland leaders join a national Day of Action for immigration reform. (The Daily Record/Maximilian Franz)

Baltimore’s luxury apartment boom and hot office market are being driven by a thriving local economy benefitting from immigrants, according to a recent report. The Partnership for a New American Economy, an organization dedicated to reforming immigration laws, released a ...

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