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Outside Counsel: United Bankshares closes deal with Centra

Hagerstown-based tech company acquired Network Connectivity Solutions Corp. (NETCONN), a Hagerstown-based company that provides cloud computing and enterprise services to Department of Defense agencies, has been acquired by General Dynamics. The Fairfax, Va., defense conglomerate will add NETCONN to its ...

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W. Lawrence Wescott: To Self-Collect or Not to Self-Collect?

Many companies seeking to reduce the cost of electronic discovery will collect information internally and provide the data to counsel and/or the e-discovery vendor. However, it is critical that the discovery process be appropriately supervised by counsel. Merely instructing the ...

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Denis King and Gary Ronan: What to do when the government comes calling

What to do when the government comes calling. It’s a topic of frequent discussion among both in-house and outside counsel, one that took on heightened significance with the prosecution of a former GlaxoSmithKline lawyer in U.S. District Court in Baltimore ...

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H. Ward Classen: To be successful in-house, be a valued business partner

Many in-house lawyers often question what it takes to be successful in that position. Unlike a law firm where success is often measured on billable hours and client development, in-house lawyers are usually measured by more discrete, subjective standards that ...

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In-house hiring a growing trend?

Unemployment in the United States continues to hover near record highs.All industries seem to be equally affected, including the legal profession.The media is filled with reports of layoffs of staff and attorneys alike — mostly at large law firms.Many question ...

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