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Southwest raises round-trip fares by up to $10

DALLAS — Southwest Airlines says it’s raising ticket prices to offset the high cost of jet fuel. On Monday, Southwest bumped up fares by as much as $10 per round trip. It’s Southwest’s third increase this year. Spokesman Brad Hawkins ...

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C. Fraser Smith: Pain at the pump and elsewhere

“They tell me it’ll kill me, but they won’t say when.” -Old blues song Gov. Martin O’Malley has been trying to get legislators focused on the killing potential of delay, but he’s had about as much success as warnings about ...

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State Senate votes to hike judges’ salaries by 3 percent

ANNAPOLIS — The Senate rejected a floor amendment to freeze judges’ salaries at current levels Monday night as it cleared the way for final passage of a 3 percent pay raise over three years — an increase of up to ...

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Donald C. Fry: Myths, reality and transportation revenue

As lawmakers in Annapolis debate a proposed gas tax increase and other measures to boost long-stagnant revenue to pay for Maryland’s transportation infrastructure, they will be buffeted with information about transportation funding, some of it lacking in detail or credibility. ...

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Miller tells group sales tax increase won’t happen

ANNAPOLIS — Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller is assuring an economic development group that a sales tax increase won’t happen. Miller spoke Thursday at the winter conference of the Maryland Economic Development Association in Annapolis. Miller was responding to ...

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