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Judge: GTTF officers acted within scope of employment in 2016 false arrest

A Baltimore judge ruled Friday that the city is responsible for paying a $32,000 judgment against former Gun Trace Task Force officers for a 2016 false arrest, but she limited her holding to the facts of the case before her. William ...

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Judge dismisses city’s complaint seeking to avoid paying future GTTF judgments

A Baltimore judge has dismissed the city’s bid to avoid being obligated to pay for certain future judgments against members of the corrupt Gun Trace Task Force. Baltimore filed a complaint for declaratory judgment last year asking the circuit court ...

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Baltimore opposes dismissal of its bid to avoid paying GTTF judgments

Baltimore’s lawyer argued in court Monday that though abuses by the former members of the Gun Trace Task Force often occurred when they were on the job and even in uniform, the city should not be responsible for paying judgments obtained ...

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Group of ex-GTTF officers seeks dismissal of city’s lawsuit on indemnity

Attorneys for former Gun Trace Task Force officers are asking a Baltimore judge to dismiss the city’s action seeking a preemptive ruling on who has to pay any damages in lawsuits against them. Four officers — Momodu Gondo, Evodio Hendrix, Maurice ...

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Baltimore judge avoids Gun Trace Task Force indemnity issue at motions hearing

A Baltimore judge on Wednesday did not address whether two former Gun Trace Task Force officers were acting within the scope of their employment when they allegedly falsely arrested a man for handgun possession last year, instead denying a motion to dismiss a civil conspiracy claim against them.

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On GTTF indemnity, is Baltimore choosing fiscal policy over public policy?

Potential civil lawsuits against the Baltimore Police Department’s corrupt and disbanded Gun Trace Task Force are piling up, and the city is prepared to spend years litigating whether it should have to pay for any judgments against the imprisoned officers.

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