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Robert Nusgart: As lenders pull back, consumers lose options

Amid all off the hoopla about falling mortgage interest rates that has spawned another refinance boom for homeowners comes news that two of the nation’s largest lenders are backing away from the mortgage industry. This month, Bank of America announced ...

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Gary S. Williams: Tips on how to gauge a stock’s potential vs. the market

With Wall Street’s recent seismic shifts, true stock jockeys may be tempted to buy on the dips. But this desire raises an important question: Is a low price by itself a true measure of a value stock? If an investor ...

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Lenders increasingly turn to middlemen, cutting appraisers’ pay

Since 2008, the number of appraisers in Maryland has dropped 42 percent as the industry has been hit hard by bank failures, litigation over their role in bad mortgages and changes that have cut the fees they receive for work. ...

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Democrats pressure airlines to give back windfall

WASHINGTON — Democrats ratcheted up the pressure on airlines Friday to give back the windfall they’ve reaped by raising fares during the tax holiday created by the partial shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration. But it was unclear how much ...

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Don’t blame recession for Borders’ closing

The closure of all of Borders’ 399 bookstores nationwide — including 18 in Maryland — is not only a dramatic illustration of the changing publishing industry, experts said Tuesday, but also reveals the delicate relationship between large companies facing industry-specific ...

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