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Payments made to spur electronic health records

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland has made its first payments to medical providers and hospitals through the federal Medicaid Electronic Health Records Incentive Program. Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown announced Thursday that more than $2 million has been sent to the first group ...

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Lawyers beware: Handle social media information with care

Technological advances continue to make life easier and yet more complicated at the same time. Take “frictionless” social media — full integration between sites like Facebook and third-party applications and websites so that friends and family know where you are ...

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Realities of Real Estate: The evolution of information in real estate

Back in 1597, Sir Francis Bacon said “knowledge is power.” To many, this simple quotation is more commonly thought of as a contemporary phrase and perhaps better suited for today’s technologically driven information age. But in the late 16th century, ...

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Facebook to make privacy changes ‘opt-in’

SAN FRANCISCO — Government regulators are sharing some alarming information about Facebook: They believe the online social network has often misled its more than 800 million users about the sanctity of their personal information. The unflattering portrait of Facebook’s privacy ...

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W. Lawrence Wescott II: Backup tapes in electronic discovery, Part II

My previous column in this series discussed how organizations use backup tapes, and some implications for electronic discovery. This column will look at some representative decisions involving backup tapes in e-discovery. As I mentioned last month, many firms use backup ...

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