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Le Mans press conference held at Inner Harbor

<object width=”600″ height=”450″> <param name=”flashvars” value=”offsite=true&lang=en-us&page_show_url=%2Fphotos%2F31176391%40N05%2Fsets%2F72157624863218316%2Fshow%2F&page_show_back_url=%2Fphotos%2F31176391%40N05%2Fsets%2F72157624863218316%2F&set_id=72157624863218316&jump_to=”></param> <param name=”movie” value=”″></param> <param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”></param><embed type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” src=”″ allowFullScreen=”true” flashvars=”offsite=true&lang=en-us&page_show_url=%2Fphotos%2F31176391%40N05%2Fsets%2F72157624863218316%2Fshow%2F&page_show_back_url=%2Fphotos%2F31176391%40N05%2Fsets%2F72157624863218316%2F&set_id=72157624863218316&jump_to=” width=”600″ height=”450″></embed></object> An American Le Mans Series race is being added to next September’s Baltimore Grand Prix, a move promoters say could boost the ...

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The Simon-GGP love letters

Simon Property Group LP’s courtship of bankrupt retail giant General Growth Properties, which owns 10 of Baltimore’s biggest malls, is playing out, a la Abelard and Heloise, in a series of deftly written letters. With each exchange, the proposed, $10 ...

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Video: Compliment guys visit Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

Tourist morale must have been at an all-time high yesterday. Two students from Purdue University–better known as the “Compliment Guys”–visited Baltimore as a part of their 10-city Brightside Tour, sponsored by Kodak. If you haven’t heard of these guys before, ...

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A walkable Inner Harbor?

Here’s a telling experience I had today. I walked from my office to the Inner Harbor for some lunch. Why? Because as a Baltimorean, that’s what I’m supposed to do, right? I’m supposed to go to the jewel of our ...

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Inner Harbor: now featuring recycling bins

Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon kicked off Earth Day on Wednesday by announcing that the city has installed recycling bins around the Inner Harbor. Now, tourists and other promenaders will be able to sort their trash: general refuse will go into ...

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