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Tag Archives: inside the first amendment

Gene Policinski: On Constitution Day, honor the documents that keep us free

Constitution Day has become an annual fixture each Sept. 17 in the nation’s schools since it was mandated by Congress in 2004 – and 2012 may well be the best year yet for understanding its history and appreciating its meaning.

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Charles C. Haynes: Religious affiliation dims as factor in presidential race

Remember all the media chatter during the primaries about how the “Mormon factor” could undermine Mitt Romney’s candidacy? Forget about it. American voters, it turns out, are mostly unconcerned about Romney’s religious affiliation or have no idea what it is. ...

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Inside the First Amendment: Privacy in the high-tech information age

Just how much should we worry about privacy? Near-daily incidents demand that we as a society redraw the line between our private lives and our public personas. The “public” is that part of us found in public records, subject to ...

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