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SEC charges former Apple exec with insider trading

The Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit against a former Apple executive Wednesday, alleging that he exploited his position as a high-ranking attorney to illegally trade Apple stock before the company disclosed its quarterly earnings report to investors. Gene ...

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Insider-trading cases imperiled as Supreme Court spurns appeal

Executives and fund managers will have a “bonanza” leaking secret tips after the U.S. Supreme Court declined to weigh in on the most significant insider-trading case in a generation, the top federal prosecutor in Manhattan said. There’s now “an obvious ...

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Tipster who ate Post-It note avoids fine in insider-trading case

A man accused of aiding an insider-trading scheme by chewing up sticky notes after sharing market-moving information contained on them will avoid paying a fine in settling U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission claims. Frank Tamayo was a middleman in a ...

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Appeals court deals blow to U.S. in insider trading cases

A federal appeals court dealt a blow to the government's success in insider trading prosecutions Wednesday by reversing two convictions with a decision that also jeopardizes a third — and attempts to further define how far prosecutors can push the law in their quest to clean up Wall Street.

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