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When in doubt, refer it out

Zebulan Snyder Gen JD

The Court of Appeals issued an opinion last month in the consolidated cases of Woznicki v. Geico and Morse v. Erie Insurance Exchange. These cases involved the multi-step dance that a plaintiff’s lawyer has to do with insurers in Maryland when settling a ...

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Meet the lawyer who invented a way to collect money from accident victims

George Rawlings grabs a stack of computer printouts and stretches them six feet across his office, admiring data from police reports of Florida auto accidents: the names of those hurt and the severity of their injuries. For Rawlings, this information ...

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Businesses face insurance questions after riot

Egyptian native and Baltimore resident Alaa Mansour, was working part time at the Gold Apple Watch and Jewelry Repair on East Fayette street in Balimore with rioters caught him outside of the store when trying to leave on Monday around 5:30pm, beat him to the ground and stole $470 of his person. (The Daily Record/Maximilian Franz)

It was a bright sunny spring day on Wednesday, but you really couldn't tell inside Golden Apple Watch and Jewelry on the East Fayette Street because its windows and doors were boarded up. The glass had been knocked out two days before when rioters swept through portions of downtown. The looters helped themselves to diamond watches, silver jewelry and "grillz," jewelry that is worn over the teeth. Saleh Mandour, the store's owner, and his son Marwan Mandour estimated the looters made off without about $50,000 in merchandise. The windows remain boarded over because police who responded said they didn't have time to take a report because of the unrest and the landlord's insurance won't replace the windows without one. As far as the stolen merchandise, the store will likely have to eat the loss because it wasn't insured. "We don't know what to do," Mandour said.

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There is no genuine dispute of material fact regarding whether the insured specifically asked his insurance agent about coverage of any machinery other than his personal tractor, and, accordingly, the agent did not have a duty to provide unsolicited advice regarding the use of any other types of tractors.

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Forkwar’s only claim of fraud was the alleged perjury of the J&J president that Mahdi was not working for J&J at the time of the accident, and that this claim is intrinsic fraud that does not permit the reopening of the judgment. Progressive contends that there is nothing close to extrinsic fraud in this case, such as an attempt to keep Forkwar or his counsel from investigating the facts of the case, and that Forkwar could have at least attempted to depose Mahdi to obtain evidence that he was operating the vehicle on behalf of J&J.

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