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Gift Guide: Techie kids’ toys for every age group

NEW YORK — While stores still sell a plethora of good old-fashioned toys such as board games, action figures and stuffed animals, electronic ones aren’t exactly a niche category anymore either. And fortunately for parents, the selection has grown beyond ...

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Sony Walkman, 31, changed face of music

The Walkman, the Sony cassette device that forever changed music listening before becoming outdated by digital MP3 players and iPods, has died. It was 31 years old. Sony announced Monday that it has ceased production of the classic, cassette tape ...

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Apple unveils new box for streaming movies, TV

SAN FRANCISCO — Apple Inc. announced a smaller, cheaper version of its Apple TV device for streaming movies and television shows over the Internet and into the living room. It also unveiled a new line of iPods, including a touch-screen ...

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