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Jessica Markham

Jun 14, 2022

Sharing and learning from our stories

You may have other lawyers in your office or office space. Share your stories, the good plus the bad. It will make your job a lot easier.

May 24, 2022

Use the 3-day weekend to accomplish … nothing

Turn off work emails this weekend. In fact, hide your phone, even if only for a few hours. Don’t clean anything. Don’t write anything. Don’t do anything.

May 19, 2022

Asking for help? Here are some tips to do it right

I receive inquiries for help from outside of my law firm almost every single day. Mostly, inquiries about help finding a job, starting a firm, advice on a case, and advice on hiring and networking. I realized at some point that some of these inquiries are very easy to respond to, and I’m happy to […]

Jan 19, 2022

Making friends with other attorneys

When I first started practicing, an older lawyer once told me that I could never be friends with lawyers. He said that I could be friendly and I should be courteous, but I would never make a true friend who was another family law attorney. I have found this to be completely wrong, but it […]

Jan 6, 2022

All you can do is be the best lawyer you can be

I seem to recall litigating cases when I was a less seasoned attorney, and I took the losses much more to heart than I do now. You would think it would be the opposite, because now I am the first chair and the one that is responsible for strategy and execution. However I felt every […]

Nov 10, 2021

Here’s how to know if you’re ready to launch your own firm

No one ever feels ready, but here are some signs to help you know whether you might be ready to start your own firm.

Sep 22, 2021

What to ask as you look for that first law firm job

When a young lawyer is first looking for a job it’s hard to figure out what to prioritize in order to decide where to go.

Jun 30, 2021

When you don’t have the answer to a client’s question

Clients come to us seeking our wisdom, legal insight and strategy and because in short they need help! When they come to us they need to feel that we have their case under control, that we are looking out for their best interest and we know what we are doing. I remember how many years […]

Mar 31, 2020

Working from my car: Making do and maybe growing

In late 2018, I jotted down two phrases that resonated with me: “Growth comes from discomfort” and “What makes metal strong? Extreme heat.” At the time I was thinking about challenging myself and going to court, trying that case, arguing that motion and pushing myself professionally outside my comfort zone to do more, be more, […]

Mar 18, 2020

Pandemic paradigm: Working at home, staying connected

In an effort to turn lemons into lemonade, I will say that this new telecommuting paradigm has forced me to look critically at what I “need” in order to be productive. Turns out, not much. I say this from a privileged place of having already put into effect many tech resources that many other attorneys […]

Feb 10, 2020

Making beautiful music while preparing for trial

Call me a control freak, but I have always been fascinated by orchestra conductors. I think it started at a young age with that Bugs Bunny cartoon. You know the one. I currently serve on the board of directors of the New Orchestra of Washington. Being behind the scenes of an orchestra, I have realized the amount of […]

Jan 10, 2020

Mastering the art of shameless self-promotion

I think law schools fail to teach one important skill, namely the art of shameless self-promotion that is necessarily a part of being a lawyer. Talking about yourself and making others aware of the services you offer is one of the evils of being in private practice. The holiday season always comes with cocktail parties, receptions […]

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