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In wake of Biden comment, N.C. vote, Obama backs gay marriage

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama declared unequivocal support for gay marriage on Wednesday, becoming the first president to endorse the politically explosive idea and injecting a polarizing issue into the 2012 race for the White House. Obama’s announcement, after refusing ...

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Biden says rule of law distinguishes America at justices conference

WILMINGTON, Del. — Seizing on a theme sounded by Republican presidential candidates, Vice President Joe Biden said Monday that he, too, believes in American exceptionalism, and that it is demonstrated no better than in the country’s adherence to the rule ...

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Obama challenges GOP to compromise on debt

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama declared on Monday there would be no deal on raising the government’s debt limit if Republicans won’t compromise, and he said he would not sign a short-term extension — raising the stakes on volatile negotiations ...

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White House unveils home energy efficiency program

WASHINGTON — The White House is unveiling a new “Home Energy Score” federal program that will allow people to determine how energy-efficient their home is. Vice President Joe Biden announced the program and several other energy initiatives at a White ...

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