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Lawyer’s remark to client not reason enough to postpone trial, CSA finds


Despite claims his public defender told him to 'have fun in jail' prior to his trial for armed robbery, the Court of Special Appeals has rejected a Wicomico County man's claim that a judge should have granted a postponement so he could get a new lawyer.

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Justice (still) delayed at Court of Appeals

Another year has passed, and convicted criminals Kevin C. Alston, Tony Lamont Haile and Jaron Tyree Grade are still waiting for word from Maryland’s top court.

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Top court gives speed-camera suit a red light

Despite being unpopular to the point of people taking bats and rocks to them, speed cameras in one Maryland county are not going anywhere after the Court of Appeals last week upheld the dismissal of a class action lawsuit that challenged their legality.

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Fired state Public Defender Forster loses lawsuit

Former state Public Defender Nancy S. Forster cannot pursue her $1 million wrongful-termination lawsuit, the state’s highest court held Tuesday. The Court of Appeals said Forster, as a state employee, should have pursued an administrative appeal within 15 days of ...

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Divorce ruling seen as a boon to gay marriage

Not even a successful petition drive can tear asunder the Maryland high court’s decision requiring the state to recognize as valid the marriages of same-sex couples who lawfully wed in other states. The Court of Appeals, in its landmark ruling ...

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