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Barbera: End of ‘justice delayed’ at Court of Appeals

Chief Judge Mary Ellen Barbera, the new leader of the Court of Appeals, said Tuesday that the top court will issue its decisions “at the very latest” by the Aug. 31 after which appeals are heard, calling it “a new policy” that will be “immediately implemented.”

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Top court: Order for accounting can’t be appealed

Nearly two years after hearing arguments in a family dispute, the Court of Appeals has concluded that it lacked jurisdiction to hear a woman’s appeal of an order that she provide an accounting of the trust her late husband left ...

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Court of Appeals hears lawyers-at-bail case

Maryland’s top court appears poised to extend to criminal defendants the right to be represented by counsel at initial bail hearings. However, during oral arguments on the issue Tuesday, the Court of Appeals said little to resolve the Office of ...

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Court of Appeals removes statutory hurdle in lead paint cases

In a victory for lead-poisoning victims, Maryland’s top court Monday struck down as unconstitutional a statutory provision that immunized landlords of older properties from liability if they met state registration requirements and offered $17,000 payments for the medical expenses of ...

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Baltimore lead-paint lawyer disbarred after pilfering clients for personal gain

The state’s top court has disbarred a Baltimore lawyer for altering client files to make them less attractive to the firm he was working for so he could pick up the clients when he opened his own solo practice. In ...

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