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After high court decision, rules committee ready to act on judicial discipline changes

“In sum, Travelocity facilitated the right to occupy a hotel room or rent a vehicle during the audit period, but did not acquire ‘title or possession’ as required for a ‘sale’ under the Tax Code Section 11-101(i), and is therefore not liable for the tax,” wrote Judge Michele D. Hotten for the majority. (File Photo)

A district court judge complied with the law and did not commit sanctionable conduct in her handling of a 2015 relationship violence hearing, the Court of Appeals held Tuesday.

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Rules committee to revisit judicial discipline amendments

Alan M. Wilner, chairman of the Rules committee, said a revised proposal concerning lawyers’ scheduling conflicts balances the trial judges’ desire to control their dockets and the lawyers’ business concerns in ‘what appears to be the reality of law practice in the 21st century.’ (Maximilian Franz/The Daily Record)

Maryland’s top court has ordered a Judiciary committee to revisit amendments to the judicial discipline rules, changes set aside in 2016 while a challenge to the process was on appeal. The Court of Appeals last week told the Standing Committee ...

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Divided panel votes to discipline Howard County judge

(PromesaStudio / Depositphotos.com)

A divided judicial discipline panel determined a Howard County judge committed sanctionable conduct in a 2015 relationship violence case and recommended she attend specialized training and be assigned a mentor judge.

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