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House impeachment report to be unveiled before landmark hearing

WASHINGTON — The House impeachment report on President Donald Trump will be unveiled Monday behind closed doors for key lawmakers as Democrats push ahead with the inquiry despite the White House’s declaration it will not participate in the first Judiciary ...

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Report: Gallagher’s confirmation to federal bench inches closer

A seat on Baltimore’s federal bench that has been vacant for more than three years could be filled as part of a push to confirm nominees before the Senate’s August recess. Bloomberg Law reports some nominees put forward by President ...

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Senate decriminalizes pot, but House may be different matter

ANNAPOLIS — The Maryland Senate voted 30-16 on Tuesday to decriminalize the possession of less than 10 grams of marijuana, but the bill sponsor conceded the measure faces an uphill fight in the House of Delegates. “We have a challenge ...

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Future of same-sex marriage bill is murky

ANNAPOLIS — Two delegates who had delayed a vote on same-sex marriage legislation appeared ready to vote on the measure Wednesday, but the future of the measure remained murky. The bill had been expected to sail through the Judiciary Committee ...

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