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Md. courts make adjustments to resume jury trials Oct. 5, judges say (access required)

Maryland’s circuit courts will be ready to resume jury trials Oct. 5 in a socially distanced world by taking creative steps, such as converting firehouses to jury rooms, conducting jury selection via Zoom and having jurors sit and deliberate in ...

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Supreme Court to consider Louisiana’s non-unanimous juries (access required)

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court will consider overturning a criminal conviction by a 10-2 jury vote in Louisiana. The justice acted Monday, four months after Louisiana voters amended the state constitution to prohibit non-unanimous verdicts in criminal cases. Oregon is ...

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GARY STOKES v. STATE OF MARYLAND (access required)

By twice indicating his acceptance and satisfaction with the jury as empaneled, without qualification, appellant waived appellate review of his claim that the State exercised its peremptory challenges in violation of Batson; however, his convictions should have merged for sentencing purposes.

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1. Did the court err in failing to dismiss the charges against [Bell] due to a violation of his Constitutional right to a speedy trial? 2. Did the trial court abuse [its] discretion by declining to excuse a juror after she disclosed an emotional reaction to the testimony of the state’s primary witness?

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