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Double duty

Bad luck: a jury duty summons. Worse luck: two jury duty summonses from two different jurisdictions. Even worse luck: two jury duty summonses from two different jurisdictions showing up in your mailbox the same day. You’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me luck: two jury duty ...

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Potential jurors can use the Web

You’ll probably always have to report in person for jury duty if summoned, barring some Jetsons-style technological breakthrough. But Baltimore County Circuit Court has recently moved to turning much of the paperwork surrounding a jury summons into a paperless – ...

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Prospective Kelly jurors say the darndest things

The Chicago Tribune ran a story the other day on jury selection in the R. Kelly child pornography trial, cataloguing the reasons why prospective jurors were not picked. Among the highlights: Two people (the reporter doesn’t say what gender they ...

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Of jelly beans and bored jurors

Trial lawyer/jury consultant Anne Reed offers this tasty morsel for trial lawyers (and anyone else who feels duty-bound to repeat themselves): “The Jelly Bean theory of keeping jurors’ attention.” “When you need jurors to understand new and complicated facts or ...

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