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Hairstyle change can show consciousness of guilt, Md. high court says

A suspect’s substantial alteration of his or her hairstyle after the crime could constitute destruction or concealment of evidence and indicate to the jury the defendant’s consciousness of guilt, Maryland’s top court unanimously ruled Thursday in upholding a man’s first-degree ...

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Baltimore killer urges justices to hear ineffective-assistance claim

A convicted murderer has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review and overturn his conviction because his attorney failed to request a jury instruction on the defense of alibi after four people testified at trial that he was most likely ...

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Court reverses conviction, cites flawed battered-spouse instruction

Delving into the issue of deadly domestic violence, Maryland’s second-highest court ruled Friday that judges have the duty to decide whether to admit into evidence instances of past abuse that indicate defendants may have suffered from Battered Spouse Syndrome when ...

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Killer’s appeal comes down to judge’s notes or trial transcript

A convicted killer’s bid for a new trial could depend on whether a judge’s notes or a court reporter’s transcript is to be believed. Maryland’s top court on Friday unanimously ordered a review of Mark Edmund Christian II’s February 2012 ...

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