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Law digest – 7/23/12

COURT OF SPECIAL APPEALS Criminal Procedure, Jury instructions: The circuit court erred by refusing to submit the charge of fourth-degree burglary to the jury, where the evidence was legally sufficient for defendant to be convicted of either third-degree burglary or ...

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Opinions – Maryland Court of Appeals: 12/12/11

Administrative Law Medical licensing BOTTOM LINE: Where physician failed to disclose existence of a pending malpractice action against him on his license renewal application, physician violated ethics rules by falsely indicating that he was not involved in a medical malpractice ...

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Opinions – Maryland Court of Appeals: 9/6/11

Administrative Law Appeals BOTTOM LINE: In a declaratory judgment action in which plaintiff raised administrative procedure issues relating to defendant’s standing to challenge a decision by the County Planning Board, the Court of Appeals was unable to reach the issues ...

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Opinions – Maryland Court of Appeals: 7/18/11

Administrative Law Standing for judicial review BOTTOM LINE: Petitioners lacked standing to maintain an action for judicial review of a final administrative decision by the Prince George’s County Council since petitioners did not reside in, have a property interest in ...

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Opinions – Maryland Court of Appeals: 6/6/11

Criminal Law Escape BOTTOM LINE: The defendants’ convictions for second-degree escape were legally valid even though the convictions were predicated on their failure to obey a court order was legally invalid. CASE: Hill, et al. v. State, No. 93, Sept. ...

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