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Md. Senate panel weighs bill lifting jury ban on ex-convicts

"What we have done is move Maryland into the forefront of police reform," says Sen. Jill P. Carter, D-Baltimore.  (The Daily Record/File Photo)

Criminal defense and plaintiffs’ attorneys battled prosecutors Friday over legislation to repeal Maryland’s prohibition on ex-convicts who were imprisoned for more than a year from serving on juries. Appearing before a Senate panel, the sides also squared off on a ...

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Federal courts in Md. to delay jury trials, restrict entry

U.S. District Chief Judge James K. Bredar

Federal courts in Maryland will postpone jury trials beginning Monday and are restricting entry to individuals with travel history or contacts that place them at risk of contracting coronavirus. U.S. District Chief Judge James K. Bredar said Thursday afternoon that he ...

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Court of Appeals sets standards for excusing disabled would-be jurors

At Donta Newton’s trial, his lawyer believed permitting an alternate juror to attend the deliberations would help ensure against a mistrial, despite rule that requires a judge to excuse alternates when deliberations begin. But Newton was found guilty of attempted murder and given a life sentence; now, the Court of Appeals is considering whether his lawyer was ineffective. (Deposit stock image)

Maryland trial judges may not excuse prospective jurors because of their disabilities without first seeking to provide reasonable accommodations and concluding that their particular disabilities would prevent them from providing satisfactory service in that case, the state’s top court has ...

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