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justice anthony kennedy

Jun 27, 2018

Justice Kennedy retiring; Trump gets 2nd Supreme Court pick

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy says he is retiring.

Jun 4, 2018

Justices side with Colorado baker on same-sex wedding cake

The Supreme Court is setting aside a Colorado court ruling against a baker who wouldn't make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

Jun 1, 2018

Baker decision won’t be justices’ last word on LGBT rights

A flood of lawsuits over LGBT rights is making its way through courts and will continue, no matter the outcome in the Supreme Court's highly anticipated decision in the case of a Colorado baker who would not create a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

In this Oct. 16, 2017, file photo, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan participates in a question and answer program about her time sitting on the high court at the Chicago-Kent College of Law, in Chicago. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)
Mar 8, 2018

Supreme Court Notebook: Kagan recalls clerking for Marshall

Justice Elena Kagan recalled the moment 30 years ago when Justice Thurgood Marshall looked at her "as though I must have lost my mind."

Jul 17, 2017

Supreme Court justice cancels visit after wife fractures hip

SAN FRANCISCO — U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has cancelled his visit to a federal judicial conference in San Francisco after his wife fractured her hip in Austria. The Supreme Court said in a statement on Friday that Kennedy would forego his trip to the 9th Circuit courts’ annual conference to be with his […]

Jan 30, 2017

As Kennedy goes, so goes the Supreme Court

Justice Anthony Kennedy leads news summary that includes a crime victim resorting to self help, a student's revenge and advice from immigration attorneys.

Jan 4, 2016

Was Justice Kennedy robbed by ‘Time’?

A vote for Justice Kennedy for Person of the Year heads news summary that includes a right-to-park argument, a tour of California's death row and an investigation into alleged disability bias ends.

Jun 8, 2015

Supreme Court strikes down ‘born in Jerusalem’ passport law

WASHINGTON  — Siding with the White House in a foreign-policy power struggle with Congress, the Supreme Court ruled Monday that Americans born in the disputed city of Jerusalem can’t list Israel as their birthplace on passports. In a 6-3 ruling, the court said Congress overstepped its bounds when it approved the passport law in 2002. […]

Jul 1, 2013

Law blog roundup

Family court judge tells mother: "You're going to Disneyland!"

Jun 3, 2013

Supreme Court reinstates Md. DNA law

A divided U.S. Supreme Court on Monday upheld the constitutionality of a Maryland law that permits police to collect DNA samples from people arrested on charges of committing or attempting to commit a violent crime.

Same-sex marriage
Mar 27, 2013

States’ rights issue could doom DOMA

The justices of the U.S. Supreme Court seemed poised on Wednesday to strike down the federal Defense of Marriage Act as an unconstitutional intrusion on the authority of states to regulate marriage.

Same-sex marriage
Mar 26, 2013

Supreme Court might sidestep major ruling on gay marriage

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court dove into a historic debate on gay rights Tuesday that could soon lead to resumption of same-sex marriage in California, but the justices signaled they may not be ready for a major national ruling on whether America’s gays and lesbians have a right to marry. The court’s first major examination […]

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