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Study finds low recidivism, potential savings to releasing older prisoners

Deputy Public Defender Becky Feldman. (The Daily Record/Maxmilian Franz)

Though Maryland’s prison population is down and legislative changes have reduced sentences for a number of nonviolent offenses, the reform discussion has not addressed a significant portion of the prison population: violent offenders who have served decades of their life ...

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Increasing prison sentences – by any name or number – won’t stem violence

Inmates in a pretrial holding block last year during a tour of the Baltimore City Detention Center prior to its closing. Some people arrested in the unrest following the death of Freddie Gray were held for two days without an initial appearance; others received bail amounts they could not afford. (Maximilian Franz / The Daily Record)

In response to various legislative proposals from Gov. Larry Hogan, Maryland is on a fast track to pass a poorly conceived law that, if enacted, will grow Maryland’s prison population with little impact on our safety. The full Senate on ...

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‘Infrastructure’ repair part of criminal justice reform, advocates say

Reform efforts like the Justice Reinvestment Act will only heighten the need for an administrative process that accurately reflects the legal standing of people who put in the work to have their record cleared, according to Towson solo practitioner Kathleen Cahill.

The growing trend toward criminal justice reform will create opportunities for people with criminal records to get second chances and avoid the collateral consequences of a conviction, but slip-ups and faulty policies on the administrative side of things can still ...

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Justice Reinvestment Act result of major compromise, but work remains

Baltimore County State's Attorney Scott D. Shellenberger, shown in a 2016 photo, testified in opposition to some of the proposed police reforms at Tuesday's hearing. (The Daily Record/File Photo)

Many of the far-reaching implications of the criminal justice overhaul known as the Justice Reinvestment Act are clear but legislators and stakeholders expect still more will come to light and need attention prior to the bill’s October 2017 enactment date. ...

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Partial expungement fails in Md. General Assembly despite last-minute efforts

Eleventh-hour logistics killed a bill with bipartisan support in the General Assembly that would have allowed people to expunge online evidence of crimes that didn’t result in convictions. House Bill 220, which was amended to limit its impact to Maryland ...

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