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Supreme Court divided on church employment suit

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Count on Tuesday seemed deeply divided on how far the government can intrude inside the employment practices of churches and religious groups, a decision being closely watched by religious institutions concerned about their independence and by ...

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Supreme Court says lab analyst must testify to own work

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Thursday said the lab analyst who testifies at a criminal trial must be the one who performed or witnessed the lab tests in question, the latest decision bolstering the constitutional requirement that defendants be ...

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Supreme Court limits Wal-Mart sex bias case

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court blocked the largest sex-discrimination lawsuit in U.S. history on Monday, siding with Wal-Mart and against up to 1.6 million female workers in a decision that makes it harder to mount large-scale bias claims against the ...

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Supreme Court questions limits on use of prescription data

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court cast doubt Tuesday on efforts by states to limit drug manufacturers’ use of information about the prescription drugs that doctors like to prescribe. The court took up a dispute between the state of Vermont and ...

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Generic drug makers argue for federal pre-emption

WASHINGTON — Two years after the Supreme Court ruled that state law failure-to-warn claims against brand-name drug makers are not automatically pre-empted by federal law, the justices are considering whether that same rule applies to generic drug makers. The generics ...

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