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Tag Archives: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Court wrangles with question of which pretrial motions toll the Speedy Trial clock?

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court wrangled Tuesday with the question of just what kind of pretrial motions stop the clock under the Speedy Trial Act, seeking to resolve a split in the federal circuits. Everywhere except the 6th U.S. Circuit, ...

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Justices reinstate verdict to victim of prison assault

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday reinstated a $625,000 judgment against Ohio prison officials who did nothing to prevent a guard’s sexual assault of an inmate and then punished the victim. The justices unanimously agreed that a federal appeals ...

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Justices OK longer prison term in gun, drug crimes

WASHINGTON— The Supreme Court has upheld longer prison sentences for people convicted of carrying or using a gun while committing drug trafficking crimes. The court voted 8-0 Monday to affirm lower court rulings involving defendants who had five years tacked ...

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Justices weigh challenge to gender differences in immigration law

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Wednesday grappled with issues of gender bias, judicial remedies and Congress’ power in an Equal Protection challenge to a law that makes it easier for a child of unmarried parents to obtain citizenship if ...

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Remembering Myra Bradwell

My colleague Brendan Kearney’s article Monday about a female paramedic’s allegation she was blackballed by the city of Crisfield’s volunteer fire department because of her sex hearkens to a time, hopefully bygone, when the ol’ boys’ network was alive and ...

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