Justice Sonia Sotomayor

Jun 28, 2012

Health care law survives with Roberts’ help

WASHINGTON — In a momentous ruling touching virtually every American, the Supreme Court narrowly upheld President Barack Obama’s historic health care overhaul Thursday with the unlikely help of conservative Chief Justice John Roberts. But the decision also gave Republicans unexpected ammunition to energize supporters in the battle for the White House and to fight “Obamacare” [&[...]

Jun 20, 2012

High court justices release financial disclosure forms

WASHINGTON — Justice Sonia Sotomayor revealed Wednesday that she is still getting gifts more than two years after her confirmation as the Supreme Court’s first Hispanic justice, including a $6,000 “translucent composite print” of important places and things from her life that will soon go on display at a Smithsonian Institution gallery in Washington. Sotomayor, […]

May 24, 2012

Supreme Court: Families cannot sue over loan discount fee

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court ruled unanimously Thursday that three families cannot sue a mortgage company for allegedly charging them a loan discount fee without giving them a lower interest rate. The high court’s decision tosses out lawsuits filed in 2008 against Quicken Loans, Inc., in Louisiana by three families who claimed they paid the […]

May 21, 2012

Losing party’s costs don’t include document translators

The cost of having documents translated is not covered under a federal statute that requires the losing party in litigation to pay for “compensation for interpreters,” the Supreme Court held Monday. The decision reverses an award of $5,517.20 in costs to Kan Pacific Saipan Ltd., for money it spent on translators while defending a premises […]

Apr 25, 2012

High court hints at OK on Arizona immigration law

WASHINGTON — Bucking the Obama administration, Supreme Court justices seemed to find little trouble Wednesday with major parts of Arizona’s tough immigration law that require police to check the legal status of people they stop for other reasons. But the fate of other provisions that make Arizona state crimes out of immigration violations was unclear […]

Mar 28, 2012

Health care arguments: Can any portion survive?

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court signaled Wednesday that it could throw out other key parts of President Barack Obama’s health care law if it first finds the individual insurance requirement unconstitutional. On the third and last day of arguments, the justices appeared to accept the administration’s argument that at least two important insurance changes are […]

Mar 26, 2012

Justices ready to move to heart of health case

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court plunged into debate Monday on the fate of the Obama administration’s overhaul of the nation’s health care system, and the justices gave every indication they will not allow an obscure tax law to derail the case. A decision is expected by late June, in the midst of a presidential election […]

Oct 31, 2011

Supreme Court reinstates ‘shaken baby’ conviction

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court has again reinstated the conviction of a California woman for shaking her 7-week-old grandson to death, a final ruling that ends a protracted dispute with the federal appeals court in San Francisco. The justices voted 6-3 Monday to reverse the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ ruling in favor of Shirley […]

Sep 16, 2011

Sotomayor to speak at UM Law

Registration is reportedly full for today”s University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law School convocation featuring U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. But never fear: Daily Record reporter Andy Marso (that would be me), will be live-tweeting the event. Follow me, @andymarso, or catch my re-tweets [email protected] Sotomayor became the first Hispanic justice in 2009 [...]

Sep 13, 2011

Obama increases number of female and minority judges

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is moving at a historic pace to try to diversify the nation’s federal judiciary: Nearly three of every four people he has gotten confirmed to the federal bench are women or minorities. He is the first president who hasn’t selected a majority of white males for lifetime judgeships. More than […]

Jun 26, 2011

Defense lawyers cheer child ‘Miranda’ ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that the age of a juvenile is a factor that must be considered in determining whether the child is “in custody” for Miranda purposes is common-sense protection against coercive interrogation techniques, defense attorneys and juvenile advocates say. “Age is not a difficult question to factor in,” said Jeffrey T. Green, […]

Jun 23, 2011

Supreme Court: Generic drug makers not liable for warnings

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that makers of generic drugs cannot be sued for failing to warn consumers of the possible side effects of their products if they copy the exact warnings on the brand-name equivalents of the medicines. The majority opinion acknowledged that the decision dealt an “unfortunate hand” that “makes […]

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