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Md. lawmakers override Hogan’s veto, ban juvenile life without parole


The Maryland General Assembly overrode Gov. Larry Hogan’s veto Saturday and enacted legislation prohibiting juveniles from being sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Legislative supporters of the override called the prohibition an affirmation of the principle ...

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Marriage-age debate may be addressed by emancipation bill

Del. Vanessa Atterbeary. (File Photo)

Maryland lawmakers are considering the creation of an emancipation process for 16 and 17 year olds that also aims to curb marriage by minors, the subject of debate in recent legislative sessions. House Bill 1147 creates a process for minors ...

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The court did not leave its role as an impartial arbiter by asking counsel what he intended to ask the witness if he returned to the stand after cross-examination and re-cross, then denying the recall upon hearing the proffer; the court was merely controlling the conduct of the hearing.

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Tariq contends that there was no evidence from which a rational fact-finder could conclude that he committed a breaking and entering, a required element of both third and fourth-degree burglary, and, further, that there was not sufficient evidence to support the court’s finding that he committed theft.

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Michael suggests that his testimony and the information proffered by his attorney indicating that he had been unable to hold down a steady job and make the restitution payments was sufficient to “raise the issue of his inability to pay.” Beyond the verbal assertions of Michael and his attorney, however, there was no evidence or arguments in the record recounting Michael’s efforts to get a job.

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In Re: Rachel Schweitzer, etc.

1. Did the circuit court abuse its discretion in concluding that the best interest of the child would not be served by granting the petition to change her surname? 2. Did the circuit court err in not seeking the child’s testimony when the mother’s offer to make the child available to the court was made after the hearing had concluded?

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In Re: Adalia R., Hailey R., & Miles R.

Did the circuit court err in changing the permanency plan from reunification to guardianship/adoption, where, inter alia, the court made clearly erroneous findings about the mother’s mental health, the parents had made substantial progress in satisfying their service agreements, and the children continued to bond well with them?

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