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Kevin Fusco: Get advice to survive fiscal cliff effect

Resolution is a term that gets thrown around pretty liberally at the beginning of the year. Millions of Americans entered 2013 making resolutions to change their lives in some fashion and use the turning of the calendar as the catalyst. Congress had another type of resolution in its sights when it set out to address the fiscal cliff.

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Kevin Fusco: Keep your portfolio from going over the cliff

This balance is generally achieved easily by developing an objective-based asset allocation framework. It is important to remember, though, that asset allocation alone does not protect against losses, so investors must also employ a dedicated rebalancing regimen that takes into account the short-term market movements that sudden volatility may bring.

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Kevin Fusco: New 401(k) regulations to help investors

Determining, and actually accumulating, adequate retirement savings has never been an exact science, and many investors and workers have become increasingly frustrated by not only the performance of their 401(k)s, but also other detractions that have tarnished the nation’s most ...

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