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Aug 6, 2012

Lenovo unveils lighter, quicker ThinkPad laptop

BEIJING — Lenovo unveiled a lighter, quicker ThinkPad notebook computer on Monday to appeal to customers who like the convenience of tablets and smartphones. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon will go on sale later this month, the Chinese computer maker said. Lenovo Group acquired the ThinkPad brand with IBM Corp.’s personal computer unit in 2005. Lenovo […]

Jun 28, 2012

What kind of screen play on your flight?

Southwest Airlines will test out live television service on some of its flights. You’ll be left to your own devices to watch — that is, Southwest will sell you access to the TV channels, but you’ll need something to watch it on, presumably a smartphone, tablet or laptop. With initial channels to be limited to […]

Dec 7, 2011

Microsoft pledges Windows developers generosity

NEW YORK — Microsoft Corp. is stepping up its competition with Apple and plans to give developers who write software for Windows computers and devices a greater share of revenue sold through the company’s upcoming Windows Store. As long as the software, or app, has made at least $25,000 in revenue, Microsoft plans to give […]

Oct 13, 2011

Connectivity, technology and the Siri app

“Siri has wit.” – The San Francisco Chronicle “Siri-ously cool” – Mobile Beat “Siri understands what you’re saying and the context in which you’re saying it.” – The Washington Post All the attention has been a little overwhelming, but when Apple names an app after you, it is an honor. Siri may be the new, […]

Sep 29, 2011

With Kindle Fire, Amazon digital ambitions burn

SAN FRANCISCO — Amazon’s unveiling of the Kindle Fire tablet computer sends a bright-hot message: The online retailer is ready to rival iPad maker Apple in an effort to be the world’s top digital content provider. It may sound odd coming from a company that pioneered online sales of physical products, selling its first book, […]

Jun 8, 2011

Pa. district in laptop spying probe hit with 2nd suit

PHILADELPHIA — A former suburban Philadelphia high school student was “humiliated and severely emotionally distressed” by seeing photos and screenshots quietly taken by his school-issued laptop, according to the second federal lawsuit filed against the district over the alleged spying. Former Harriton High School student Joshua Levin sued Lower Merion School District on Monday. The [[...]

May 9, 2011

Get your geek on with computer software upgrades

Over the past year, my firm has been incrementally upgrading technology. We scan every document, and all of the lawyers have smartphones linked to our email.  Our case management software is about 10 years old now, and having come from a firm that used case management software to the hilt, that’s been the toughest transition […]

Feb 21, 2011

California judge: Blind attorney licensing test-taker can use laptop

Timothy Elder, one of the three blind law school graduates who passed the Maryland bar exam last year even though a federal judge denied his request to use computer screen-access software, will take this weekend’s California attorney licensing test with his preferred accommodation, thanks to a San Francisco judge’s ruling last week. “It’s a really […]

Feb 7, 2011

Using Excel for settlement negotiations

Telling a client that the defendant’s insurer wants to settle their case for $250,000 is equivalent to explaining the intricacies of res judicata — it is usually meaningless. In order for a client to make an informed choice about whether to settle their case, they have to know where the money is going and, most […]

Oct 4, 2010

No laps for warm laptops; skin damage is possible

CHICAGO — Have you ever worked on your laptop computer with it sitting on your lap, heating up your legs? If so, you might want to rethink that habit. Doing it a lot can lead to “toasted skin syndrome,” an unusual-looking mottled skin condition caused by long-term heat exposure, according to medical reports. In one […]

Jun 7, 2010

My Trial Technology Bag

I’ve done trials the “natural” way, with large blow-up exhibits and flip charts. I’ve done trials the high-tech way, from the photographs, animation, and even medical records. Hands down, I prefer the techie version. Maybe this is because of my age, but I don’t think that tells the full story. Certainly, younger attorneys tend to […]

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