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Steven K. Fedder: On this Law Day, thoughts on gerrymandering

In high school, we were taught there were three separate but equal branches of government. But in practice, separation of powers, this year’s theme for the American Bar Association’s Law Day (celebrated each year May 1), has been more of an ephemeral goal than reality.

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Steven K. Fedder: A timely theme for Law Day

  For this year’s Law Day, which is Monday, the American Bar Association chose the theme of the Constitution’s 14th Amendment to celebrate and educate. The timely theme is of import to all. The 2016 presidential election, aside from being ...

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Happy Law Day!

On May 1 of each year the United States of America celebrates Law Day. This celebration is intended to be a time of reflection on the role of law in the foundation of our country and to recognize its importance for society.

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