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Opinions – 1/31/13: Maryland Court of Special Appeals

The circuit court did not abuse its discretion in granting defendant’s motion to transfer from Baltimore City to Baltimore County on the ground of forum non conveniens, where the the medical treatment in issue took place in the county and the decedent, his treating physician and the only witnesses named to date were, at all pertinent times, residents of the county.

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Opinions – 1/31/13: Maryland Court of Appeals

Where plaintiff filed a medical malpractice claim while appealing the grant of summary judgment on an identical claim, his second action was barred by res judicata, and the fact that the summary judgment ruling was later reversed does not change that analysis; in addition, appellant failed to preserve his claims by requesting appropriate stays, and there was no clear and convincing evidence of fraud, irregularity, or mistake in the lower court proceedings.

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Law digest – 1/24/13

Commercial Law, Ticket sales: If a ticket agency is authorized in writing by a licensed exhibitor to sell tickets as an agent of the exhibitor, the ticket agency is not required to be licensed by reason of exercising that authority, but may not charge more than the amount authorized in the licensing law. Bourgeois, et al. v. Live Nation Entertainment, Inc., No. 8, Sept. Term 2012. RecordFax No. 13-0118-21, 46 pages.

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Opinions – 1/10/13: Maryland Court of Special Appeals

Civil Procedure Statute of limitations  BOTTOM LINE: Plaintiffs’ lawsuit against insurer was barred by the statute of limitations because they failed to file it in Maryland within three years after their cause of action accrued; filing the suit in Pennsylvania ...

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Law digest – 12/24/12

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS Contract Law, Damages: Evidence of post-breach market conditions not contemplated by the parties in the contract is inadmissible to prove lost profits and, therefore, the trial court properly excluded such evidence proffered by defendants. CR-RSC Tower, ...

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Law digest – 12/17/12

COURT OF SPECIAL APPEALS Civil Procedure, Final judgment rule: Plaintiffs who obtained final judgments against various defendants in asbestos litigation and were paid in full were not entitled to recover against trust that was in bankruptcy at that time, because ...

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