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Law Digest – 12/10/12

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS Constitutional Law, Double jeopardy: Because the district court’s decision to terminate the prosecution of the charges against defendant was not based on a resolution of some or all of the factual elements of the offenses charged, ...

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Law digest – 12/3/12

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS Criminal Law, Theft: Defendant was not guilty of theft under CL §7-104(d), where the State failed to prove that, at the time defendant cashed a counterfeit check, she knew that the money was delivered by mistake. ...

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Law digest – 11/19/12

4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Civil Procedure, Forfeiture: Mandatory 90-day time limit in federal civil forfeiture statute is non-jurisdictional statute of limitations, and defendant therefore waived this defense by failing to raise it during course of government’s forfeiture action ...

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Law digest – 11/5/12

Election Law, Appropriation exception: County zoning ordinance allowing video slot machines in certain areas of county was not an appropriation ordinance and, therefore, was subject to a referendum under the Anne Arundel County Charter. Citizens Against Slots at the Mall v. PPE Casino Resorts Maryland, LLC, No. 154 Sept. Term, 2009. RecordFax No. 12-1024-20, 26 pages.

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Law digest – 10/29/12

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS Evidence, Cumulative testimony: Improperly admitted hearsay statement from a detective was cumulative, and did not entitle defendant to a new trial, as two other witnesses testified to similar admissions by the defendant. Yates v. State, No. ...

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