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Law digest – 12/24/12

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS Contract Law, Damages: Evidence of post-breach market conditions not contemplated by the parties in the contract is inadmissible to prove lost profits and, therefore, the trial court properly excluded such evidence proffered by defendants. CR-RSC Tower, ...

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Law digest – 12/17/12

COURT OF SPECIAL APPEALS Civil Procedure, Final judgment rule: Plaintiffs who obtained final judgments against various defendants in asbestos litigation and were paid in full were not entitled to recover against trust that was in bankruptcy at that time, because ...

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Law Digest – 12/10/12

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS Constitutional Law, Double jeopardy: Because the district court’s decision to terminate the prosecution of the charges against defendant was not based on a resolution of some or all of the factual elements of the offenses charged, ...

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Law digest – 12/3/12

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS Criminal Law, Theft: Defendant was not guilty of theft under CL §7-104(d), where the State failed to prove that, at the time defendant cashed a counterfeit check, she knew that the money was delivered by mistake. ...

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Law digest – 11/19/12

4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Civil Procedure, Forfeiture: Mandatory 90-day time limit in federal civil forfeiture statute is non-jurisdictional statute of limitations, and defendant therefore waived this defense by failing to raise it during course of government’s forfeiture action ...

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Law digest – 11/5/12

Election Law, Appropriation exception: County zoning ordinance allowing video slot machines in certain areas of county was not an appropriation ordinance and, therefore, was subject to a referendum under the Anne Arundel County Charter. Citizens Against Slots at the Mall v. PPE Casino Resorts Maryland, LLC, No. 154 Sept. Term, 2009. RecordFax No. 12-1024-20, 26 pages.

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