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We were all once young and foolish — but law school at 18?!

Today is Monday, the 58th anniversary of Hawaii‘s statehood. Here are some news items to get your week started. — He was a teenage law-school student. — Drug scandal alters lawsuit between California universities. — Milwaukee calls controversial landlord a public nuisance ...

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Depression in law school: Impostures and Socrates

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The stats are alarming: Before entering law school, a student is just as likely to have experienced depression as any other adult in the general population (about 7 percent). After one year of law school, 32 percent ...

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Hastert allegations surprise Illinois town

Allegations against former House Speaker Hastert surprise neighbors leads news summary that includes a candidate's stance on abortion, the Holloway cold case and a punk rocker graduates law school.

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What I’ve learned from Frank Underwood

Being attorneys, we know that the public’s understanding of court and trials are skewed by courtroom television and crime dramas. In the same way, good or bad, my understanding of politics likely will be based on episodes of "House of Cards."

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